Lab Case Studies

These are the current ACTLabs works in progress. 

ACT Knowledge and Skills is a prototype online tool that can be used to learn more about ACT’s approach to measuring college and career readiness. Interactive maps for each content area provide a grade-by-grade overview of skills and knowledge that research suggests a student should master on the path to college and career readiness. The maps also show a continuum view of the progression of knowledge and skills that ACT assesses across grades 3-12.

The maps use language that reflects state college and career readiness standards (including the Common Core State Standards), as well as ACT’s own empirically derived College and Career Readiness Standards. The prototype ACT Knowledge and Skills tool is designed to help users make connections between ACT’s assessments and other key aspects of the overall assessment system.

Graphical prototypes aimed at automatically arranging, rendering and visualizing standard statement/skills and cluster relationships e.g. learning progressions